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Vija Design™, the first "New Mom" (New Dad also!) clothing collection that facilitates breastfeeding and maximize the well-being of mother/father and baby through the SKIN-TO-SKIN (Kangaroo care). The "skin-to-skin & easy nursing" collection was created in 2008 and it is still sew ethically in Canada.

Vija Design is the result of the work of a mom with great expertise in Textiles, a qualified and experienced Utility Garment Designer - also mother of premature baby*. TO LEARN MORE, CLICK HERE.

This experience revealed to her the very large benefits that Kangaroo Care can have on babies.

Her mission: make the Kangaroo Care (skin-to-skin and breastfeeding) and SKIN TO SKIN pleasant and desirable for all parents.

The designs were created in collaboration with pediatricians, lactation consultants, specialists in neonatal units and the majority of garments are under patent or patent pending (and tested in hospital and/or institutional environment)... Work that took several years of prototyping and testing to finally offer simple, safe, pretty and practical designs - as well as functional.


* Vivianne Brault, her daughter Anais, at Montreal's Ste-Justine Hospital in 2003. She could observe the extraordinary results that Kangaroo Care / Skin-to-skin had on her daughter.



Here what MEDIAS / BLOGGERS said about our products: (To read what was written in French speaking Medias, click here).


HEALTHY NEWBORN NETWORK (Save the Children) BLOG - October 2017


The "New kangaroo care wraps for snuggly moms (and dads!)" (U.S.A) Februray 2016 - by Joyce Slaton




Talk about our new Prema-Wrap for twins (#VA077B)


The "ALL ABOUT BABY'S WORLD" blog/review (California, U.S.A.) May 2015
Samantha tried our Skin-to-skin T-shirt and said:

VIJA Designs Skin to Skin Kangaroo T shirt is VERY supportive. It acts as a post partum support for my stomach. I did not think I would like this feature because, with Bunny, I hated anything touching my stomach for months after my c section. After Baby Sister was born (4 days after to be exact) I put on my VIJA Designs Skin to Skin Kangaroo T shirt and LOVED the snug feeling of my stomach being held. After having worn VIJA Designs Skin to Skin Kangaroo T shirt I didn’t want to take it off! I wanted the amazing support for my stomach. When I first received my VIJA Designs Skin to Skin Kangaroo T shirt I did think the material seemed very thick and hot and heavy. However, once I put it on I was pleasantly surprised at how light and airy it felt. I am still sweating like crazy (thank you post partum hormones) but I do not feel like I sweat any more while wearing my VIJA Designs Skin to Skin Kangaroo T shirt than I do when I am not wearing it. I will gladly wear this shirt in the California summer heat. Read more by clicking on link!



The HOLISTIC PARENT Magazine, September 2014 (Waterloo Region - Canada - and surrounding areas)

Published three times per year, The Holistic Parent focuses on natural health and wellness, as well as attachment parenting and gentle guidance techniques.

Our Skin-to-skin T-shirt features in the FAMILY FRIENDLY - Eco and health product for your family, p.9


The "AN ORDINARY HOUSEWIFE" blog-review (U.S.A.) - August 2014

Rena, mother of two and writter, gave those comments on our Skin-to-skin T-shirt that she tried:

-"You can just place your newborn (up to 15 lbs) in your shirt and walk around and go about your business. It is very handy for going out. So far I have shopping, eaten in a restaurant and just walked around the house, all while carrying the baby in my shirt. I got lots of "aww, look at the baby" comments too."


The "MAMA PAPA BARN" blog-review (U.S.A.) - May 2014

Christine, mother of two and writer, talked about our Skin-to-skin T-shirt:

"-...fit very well. It even looked like a fashion piece without baby in it. I loved the softness and the stretch which was a snug fit on me. "

"-...I simply followed the instructions and safety precautions both on the shirt itself and on the included insert and voila, it was done. I was now a very proud parent offering my infant closeness that was experienced in the womb. We set off for the grocery store along with my preschool son for the first time. It was easy and stress free to navigate the aisles not having to worry about if my baby was too cold or warm or tired. She was nestled and asleep on my chest."


The "HOMEMADE MOTHERING" (U.S.A.) blog-review, - March 2014

Maureen, mother of four and writer, tried our Kangaroo Tube and here what she said:

-"The top is cute without my cutie tucked in, so I wear it even when I have no immediate plan to wear him.  Plus, this will be fun to wear this summer when we’re out & about!"

-"He easily slides into the top, and thanks to a discreet extra panel within he stays close and warm.  The top isn’t a complete hands-free baby carrier, but when I’m relaxing on the sofa he is perfectly content.  Oh, and it is easy to nurse him while wearing it, too."


In the "DAILY MOM" blog & review (U.S.A.) - January 2014

...there is writing on Acid Reflux and how the Skin-to-skin T-shirt can help.

Megan, a mother of two and writer, tried our Skin-to-skin T-shirt and suggest it to help infant acid reflux. Here some comments she wrote:

-"...Keep your baby upright and still after a feeding. Let gravity do its part by keeping the baby in an upright position for at least 30 minutes after they eat. When they are flat on their back, it will be harder for the muscular band to remain shut, and more spitting up and discomfort will occur. Dr. Sears suggests sitting with your baby in your lap, with their head nuzzled against your chest (or using a wrap or sling that will place them in this position such as a Skin to Skin shirt, or Moby Wrap..."

-"If using a wrap seems complicated, and your little one prefers to have skin to skin time, the Kangaroo Care shirt from Milk & Baby [our Skin-to-Skin T-shirt] is the perfect choice. These shirts truly are 3-in-1; they are a carrier, a nursing top, and a postpartum shirt that supports your belly. The Kangaroo Cares shirts are a breeze to take on and off, and will help your newborn establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship, and will keep them secure during their fourth trimester."


PREGNANCY & NEWBORN - November 2013



The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER (California) - November 2013

An article (read full article online, click here) on what is important about Kangaroo Care - with our Kangaroo Tube (#VA003) on photo...


LEAKY BOOB (Breastfeeding community) wrote about our products on Facebook - at the ABC Expo 2012, Louisville, Kentucky.


"BABY DICKEY" BLOG - Special ABC Expo - Louisville, KY - October 2012


READ WHAT TODAYS PARENT MAGAZINE (todaysparent.com, september 2011) SAYS ABOUT US


READ WHAT JULIA, BLOGGER OF "A LITTLE BIT OF ALL OF IT' is saying about our Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo T-shirt... She gives a lot of details, even a video!





READ WHAT EVERYTHING MOM AND BABY blog says about us (September 2011)



Other moms comments:

-Seriously, the best carrier with a new baby and a 5 and 3 years old!!!

Amanda M. (Facebook comment)


-This is one of my most wanted items [on my list], my sister had a Vija shirt and it was so awesome for her and her baby.  

Lindsay W. Las Vegas, USA 

-I love Vija Design UK Kangaroo Care/Skin-to-Skin Garments and will be adding these to the library soon. These are the perfect aid for skin to skin for your premature baby, but can also be used for full term babies as well to facilitate lots of lovely bonding snuggles. You'll also find Vija tops in the neonatal unit at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital - if you have a baby in the unit, then ask your nurse/midwife

Sling Fling - Aberdeen Sling Library and Babywearing Consultant

-I recently bought one of your tops for my newborn and I absolutely LOVE it. More importantly, my baby loves it too and it's sometimes the only thing that can calm him down. [...] I've been telling everyone I see how wonderful your tops are and have been directing them to your website and to the maternity store in Yorkville [Carry Maternity] where I got mine. Honestly: it's been the best purchase I ever made.

Siobhan G., Toronto (email comment)


-We have the Vija Tshirt for my husband already and it is amazing. [...] This is the best idea for babies I have come across. Thanks a lot for developing it.

Katharina P. Singapore


-Let me thank you for designing this shirt. It was SUCH a lifesaver with my second daughter, and I only wish I'd found it sooner and that she still fit in it! It was also so wonderful to be able to have one for my husband. It was such a great bonding tool for him, and we really couldn't find anything else made just for men like that.

Kendra S.

-I used your basic kangaroo halter with my last baby and it was a godsend especially for the hospital stay. I loved it and my nurses raved over it too...my baby was a late term premie and within 24 hours his nurse came in for a check and exclaimed that she liked my boy better than most of her full term babies (because his stats were so good and breastfeeding being well established). I wasn't sure about a pricey shirt that I didn't know of I'd like or use, but I ended up not wearing anything else I packed and had to have hubby rinse my top out and hang dry it so I could put it back on. So this time...I need a second shirt. (...) I prepare for baby No4!

Brittany K. (email comment)

-(...) I learned about your products from Melons&Clementines [Montreal] during my stay in the NICU and purchased one of your 3-in-1 Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo T-Shirt. This was the best accessory I could have had during my stay and once I got home with my daughter. It allowed me to hold my daughter without worrying about droping her and to be able to use my hands while holding her on my chest. It also helped me with some needed privacy while in the NICU to be able to have her on my skin without feeling exposed to the entire NICU (...).

Irina F. Montréal


-I want to tell you I LOVE my shirt so much and I would like to order another! This is the perfect way for me to hold my baby Thank You!!! I also wanted to let you know today I went to our local lactation meeting and had my shirt on. The hospital is now wanting to look into ordering shirts for their store. Thank you so much for such a great product!!!

Stephanie T., Colorado spring, U.S.A.


-My son was born two months earlier. I spend 6 hours a day doing kangaroo care with him. We love our Vija designs kangaroo top. I have been showing all the nurses and they think it's amazing. I just ordered a bunch more products and a t-shirt for my husband.

Kristin L. G. (Facebook comment)


-I LOVE my Vija baby wearing shirt! It came just before I had an early induction for my preemie. It's absolutely perfect!

Sarah N. (Facebook comment)

-I just wanted to contact you to let you know that I bought 2 skin-to-skin camis with a coordinating cumberbund at CARRY MATERNITY in Toronto, and I am absolutely in love with them! Since my daughter was born, I've worn them nearly every morning with her inside as I make breakfast and get my day started after her morning feed. She loves to be inside the shirt, and always falls asleep! Sometimes she sleeps in there for a few hours! She's now six weeks old and is enjoying popping her head out the top and looking around as I move about the house. I'm enjoying the freedom to use my hands while staying skin-to-skin with her!
Thanks for this excellent product - I'm so glad I bought them!

Allyson B. Mississauga, Ontario


-My tshirts arrived today and I love them! My husband'a fits perfectly!

Erin S. Maple ridge, British Columbia


-Our little one came a week early so I'm dying to try your shirt!

Melissa L. Waterloo, Ontario


-I wanted to let you know that the Skin to skin shirts arrived and fit my daughter perfectly.  My grandson loves being carried around in the kangaroo shirt.  I wish they had these when my children were babies.

Janis L. Lake Mary, Florida, U.S.A.


-My daughter had a preemie son who just returned home from being in the NICU for a month and she said this kangaroo top is the only thing that fits and works like magic for them!  Thank you for being there in Quebec and your great shop!
Wendy B., Fresno, Ohio, U.S.A.
-Hi, I have my baby home now and I tried them (the Skin-to-skin Kangaroo T-shirt) again with the baby They are GREAT! I LOVE them! Thank you, 
-Erin, B., Thornhill, Ontario
-I will definitely be suggesting you to all the mothers I know!!
Lauren Austen, L., Bristish Columbia
-Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for sending me this top. I love it!  I get lots of use out of it. I especially like how it supports and pulls in the belly.
Jennifer M., Calgary, AB


INFORMATION COLLECTION - HIP DYSPLASIA: Holding newborn in the right physiological position (with the knees raised in "M" position ) is beneficial for the hips. Skin-to-skin contact is also very beneficial for his/her health. If your baby has hip dysplasia and you are babywearing your baby skin to skin in the recommended position, have you seen any significant improvements? If yes (or no), the International Hip Dysplasia Institute would like to get the details. You can send us the information (info@vija-design.com) that we transfer to them or communicate directly with them (Susan.Pappas@orlandohealth.com)




The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation support the best standards of care for premature babies & give premature babies and their families a voice across Canada. The goals: Increase awareness across Canada by initiating, coordinating,  and supporting local and national activities such as World Prematurity Day, Provide information for families before, during and after preterm birth.


INFACT CANADA. INFACT Canada is a national non-governmental organization that works to protect infant and young child health as well as maternal well-being through the promotion and support of breastfeeding and optimal infant feeding practices.


VIJA DESIGN (Créations Vivianne Brault Inc) is member of B.C.I.A.