Welcome to the Vija Design online store. We are pleased to offer our collections in a friendly shopping environment.

We are able to deliver your orders anywhere in Canada and offer a shopping experience that is accessible 24 hours on 24, seven days a week ... because it's more your baby who decides your schedule these days ....

To access the page of a product, simply click on the selection (photo) in the category you have chosen. Choose from the drop down color and size menu, then click "Add to shopping bag".

All articles on our website are in stock unless you find the mention "coming soon". In such case, if you want to know about the date of delivery of specific item, please contact us at 438-289-1243 ou at Reserve Privee online store: 514-360-9954 or 450-527-1326 or by email at info@vija-design.com. If you wish to be informed of the arrival of a particular item, please contact Reserve Privee at 514-360-9954 or 450-527-1326 (toll free: 1-877-584-2888) and we will contact you via email - or phone - with no obligation on your part as soon as it comes.

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To make your selection, you can window shop through our virtual mini-shops (left menu), choose a type of clothing in our "Express Choice" or search by keyword. Searching by keyword will sort a selection of clothes or accessories according to their code or as a word chosen by you (for example, if you enter "Cotton", you will find all products with cotton fiber).


All prices shown in the online shop are quoted in Canadian dollars.


Orders shipped to Canada: When entering your transaction, all orders to be ship in Canada will include all amounts of applicable taxes.

Example of taxes for all provinces:

Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island
5% (GST)

13% (HST)

Nova Scotia
13% (HST)

New Brunswick
13% (HST)


5% (GST) plus 9.75% (QST)

13% (HST)

5% (GST)

5% (GST)

5% (GST)

British Columbia
5% (GST)

Note for residents of Quebec: there is an exemption from QST (Quebec sales tax) for "Articles for breastfeeding (breast pads, breast pumps and their components, shields, Nursing Bras).

This exemption does not include: regular clothes, nursing pillow, care products, baby carriers and other accessories.

The international orders are exempt from taxes.

Size charts:

To ensure that your clothes have a perfect and comfortable fit almost every time, please refer to our valuable "size chart" button on the product description pages. This size chart is an excellent reference, but we recommend that you carefully read the description of each garments, because the fit may vary. Some clothes are made for moms who have just given birth while others are for those who have given birth few months ago and have found back their silhouette. You can also refer to our "Tips on how to dress for nursing" for suggestions on how to take your measurements.

To make a purchase:
You can choose what you want directly on Vija Design online store, the order will be transfered to our Associate online store Reserve Privee (www.reserveprivee.com) or closest best retailer.

Reserve Privee offers you:

1) Direct online transaction. The most reliable and the fastest. Orders placed through this website will be paid by credit card only - via Federated Payment Servers. They accept Visa and Mastercard. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase order. Pick-up at the store or any Reserve Privee partners listed in the "useful links" section is also available without any shipping/handling fees.

Note: The client(s) are responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions relating to their purchases, including delivery charges, return policies and exchange.

2) Purchase by PAYPAL: Make your order as usual on their website and click on Paypal payment at the end. Valid for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal account). Paypal will send you a payment request by email to our demand for the amount of your order. Once you have paid, the order will be sent. Pick-up to store or any Reserve Privee partners listed in the "useful links" section is also available without any shipping/handling fees. They put aside your order for a period of 5 working days. If payment has not been made within this period, the order will be canceled and the items will be put back on the shelves.

3) Order By Phone: Contact their Customer Service at 1-877-584-2888 or 514-360-9954 (or 450-527-1326) to place your order (have ready your model number, color, size and quantity). The purchase may be made by credit card, by cheque or C.O.D. (see below). Pick-up at store or any Reserve Privee partners/pick-up counter listed in the "useful links" section is also available without any shipping/handling fees.

4) Order by fax: send all the details (model numbers, color, size, quantity) by fax at 450-527-1326 or 1-877-584-2888. Please include your credit card number and your signature. Please notify us by email you sent your order by fax (just to be sure we received it) and we will call to confirm availability and delivery.

5) Order by mail: send all the details (model number, color, size, quantity) by mail to the following address:

Vija Design / Reserve Privee - Distribution center
A15 - 3225 ch. de l'Industrie, St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, QC, J3G 0J8

Include your credit card number and your signature or a money order or check for the total amount of the order, including Shipping / Handling fees + taxes (please be advised that the package will be sent after the cheque is endorsed and allowed). Possibility of C.O.D mailing (see below).

6) On location (address above) by appointment only. A good idea: make a selection of what you want to try before you arrive. You can use our Wish List to do so. You can also transmit that Wish list to us prior to your visit so we can take out everything you wish to try...

* Orders (made through website or by telephone) placed before 3 PM are generally sent the same day.

C.O.D. Mailing: You could also pay your order at your local post office (the mode of payment may varies from one post office to another, please inform yourself of the different method of payment to your local post office) when you receive the parcel. A fee of $ 7.50 + taxes apply in addition to transportation costs that you have selected. Just place your order as usual (on our website) and then select C.O.D. payment. You will receive a notification by email for the amount you will have to pay to your post office.

PAYMENT BY MONEY ORDER: You place your order as usual on website. Click "payment by Money order" on the Payment section and keep a copy of your order. Note the total amount to pay, including shipping/Handling fees. They will send you an email confirming your order and will wait for your payment. We will prepare the package immediately to make sure that the selected items will not sell before we receive your payment. Please send it quickly, we won't reserve your order for more than a week. As soon as we have it in hand, your order is will be shipped.


ALL shipping fees below are quoted in Canadian dollars for orders shipped to Canada, and are not refundable. Delivery time varies depending on where you are located. For more information on deadlines depending on where you are located, please contact us.

Shipping Method Time Approx. Delivery - Canada only (will vary according to where you are located)
Regular $ 6.00 CAD per package 2-10 business days
Express $ 15.00 CAD per package 1-6 business days
Urgent $ 22.00 CAD per package Maximum of 1 to 5 days working

On location pick-up $0,00 (from 9 to 5, monday to friday)

Pick-up counter (see "useful links" section) $0,00 (once a week, normally the Friday after your order). Please call to check if your order is arrived before going to the participating pick-up store.


International Order:

The orders to be sent to another country may be done manually after you make an order submission. Just click on International order request at the end of your order. The low $ 6.00 CAD shipping/handling fees won't apply. Reserve Privee will send you an international shipping quotation byt email that you could accept or not. Please take into consideration that duty/taxes charges for your country may apply on arrival at your customs (but you will not have to pay Canadian taxes). All quotation will be sent in CAD dollar.
If you agree, Reserve Privee will send you a secure Paypal payment request by email. If you do not want to pay by Paypal, it is possible to conclude the transaction directly with credit card by calling us at 514-360-9954 (or 450-527-1326) or 1-877-584-2888 toll free line (this line is available free of charge only for Canada and the United States). Once payment is received, your order will be sent by "Small packages by air" or "Express Post" of Canada Post, whichever you prefer.

Shopping Bag:

Your choices are stored in the link "my shopping bag" until you are ready to complete your transaction. In fact, it works like a grocery cart. While you shop, selected items remain in the bag.

You can see what you put in your bag at any times. Simply click on the link "my shopping bag" at the top of the page and you will see all the items therein.

Once you have clicked on the link "my shopping bag" at the top of each page you can see a picture of the selected item(s) in your cart along with a brief description, color, size, price and quantity. Using this function, you may also update the quantity of any article (add or delete) by simply selecting the desired number. If you change your mind about an item, simply click the "Delete" link next to the article.

If you choose to leave the website without going to Checkout, your bag will be kept for some time after- but  will disappear, which means that during your next visit to Reserve Privee website, these items will not end up in your bag. It will be re-stock on our virtual shelves so that other customers can purchase it. Due to the limited amount sizes per colour per style at Reserve Privee, we strongly suggest you purchase the items that interest you as soon as you see them, because they will maybe not be around next time you visit!

"coming soon" products:

When an article is written "coming soon" in your shopping bag, it means neither Vija Design or Reserve Privee have it in stock but there will soon be available for delivery. You can still place an order, this will ensure you receive the item first. If you have ordered something else, you will receive the missing item without transport costs later. If you want to have the exact date of arrival of the article "future", please contact Reserve Privee at info@reserveprivee.com or by phone (514-360-9954 or 450-527-1326).

My Wish List:

Use "my wish list" to keep your selection in memory - you can also share with people who wants to spoil you for the birth of your child. More details when you open your wish list. It is available on both Vija Design website and Reserve Privee website.

This recording will remember your selection for a subsequent purchase or to share information with your family and friends (shower, birth gift, etc..). You must register and give a password. This selection will be saved for a period of three months. It is not a reservation or set aside, so remember that it is possible the goods have been sold or that certain promotions are finished.

For assistance, please contact Reserve Privee. Customer service will be quick to help. Call 1-877-584-2888 (if long distance only) or 514-360-9954 (or 450-527-1326) Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 p.m. (EST). Leave a message if we are unable to answer your questions and we will contact you soon.

You can also contact us by email at info@reserveprivee.com

Order Confirmation:

Once your order is placed, you will get a summary order page that includes your order number. We suggest you print it. You will also receive an email confirmation.

Warranty, Security and Privacy

If any of the items you purchase from Réserve Privée do not completely meet your expectations, you can return them to us for an exchange or refund provided the following terms and conditions are met. Please carefully review these terms and conditions to determine whether your purchase can be returned for an exchange or refund. No refund for shipping fees, unless we made a mistake. 

Please note that for hygiene considerations, we ask that you keep your underwear on when trying on bathing suits and use breastpads when trying on bras if your breasts tend to leak milk


30 DAYS: your return must be postmarked no more than 30 days following the date of your order.
SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: your return must be accompanied by the original bill so as to be properly processed by Réserve Privée.

CONDITION OF THE MERCHANDISE: all merchandise must be returned in the same condition in which it was sent. This means the item should be carefully folded (with the cardboard if applicable) in the original packaging with all tags still attached to the garment. The garment must not have been worn or washed. The exception to this is if obvious manufacturing defects present themselves after a garment has been washed and/or worn. In this case Réserve Privée will repair the garment and return it to you

NON-RETURNABLE ITEMS: for hygiene reasons, certain items cannot be returned or exchanged. Intimate items such as underwear and breast pads cannot be returned.

RETURNS:  You may return merchandise by one of the following two methods:

1) You can return the item by courier.  To do this, please completely fill out this return form including a description of the reason(s) for the return to allow us to improve both the description of the product and/or the product itself.   Next simply pack the completed return form, the original bill and the item (in the original packaging (bags and box) whenever possible) and send by mail to this address.

Vija Design / Réserve Privée - distribution Center
A15 - 3225 ch. de l'Industrie
Québec, Canada
J3G 0J8

*The client will assume the cost of shipping an item for a return.  If you are only returning one item, we suggest you fold it very flat and ship it in a standard envelope.  The envelope’s dimensions must not exceed: 38cm x 27cm x 2cm (thickness) to be considered a “letter” which is less expensive to ship than a “parcel.” Please DO NOT try to flatten an article of clothing with molded cups (brassiere or swimwear) – these must not be crushed during shipping. 

2) Alternatively, you can make your return in person at the address mentioned above.  Be sure to call us ahead of time at: 514-360-9954 (or 450-527-1326).  In addition to the item you wish to exchange or refund, please bring the original bill and the completed return form to facilitate the transaction

Once we have received the item and have determined that all terms and conditions have been met, you will be promptly refunded* for the cost of the merchandise (including taxes) using the method by which the item was originally purchased.  For credit card returns, be sure to provide the card number and expiry date as we do not keep this information on file. You will receive an email notice from Desjardins payment services as soon as the refund has been processed.

We only accept one claim for refund per order - unless you notice a manufacturing defect not visible when you sent your first refund request.

* Please note that items purchased at the store are not refundable - unless a manufacturing defect. They are only exchangeable.

If you need a different size or colour of a particular item, simply call us at: 514-360-9954 (or 450-527-1326) or 1-877-584-2888 to request the replacement item when you are planning to return your original purchase by mail.  We will send you, free of shipping charges and without paying again (except if you choose something with a higher price - in such case we will only charge you the difference), the replacement item you need.  If we do not receive your original item within 10 working days following your call, you will be billed for the second item.